Immoral Tales of a Woman who Only Chooses her man by Using her Hips Rating: 3.33 out of 5
Kanojo ga Kahanshin dake de Otoko wo Eranjau Kitana Ohanashi
Parody: -
Ranking: 5529th
Status: Completed
Release Year: -
Views: 17298 views
Circle: -
Artist: Ver9
Character: -
Language: -
Translator: -
Brief Summary:
Daichi and Yuzuki have been going out for a while. But it seems that Yuzuki has some secrets of a dark nature. And so...

Sequel/Side Story to "She Chooses Her Man Based on Her Lower Body Alone"
Prequel to "Dirty Stories About Married Women Having Children with Other Men"
Side Story to "Wife in Love".

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Available Chapters


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