Radical Gogo Baby! Rating: 2.80 out of 5
Cell Phone Bitch, Medicine Trouble? (BOSSHI), Momo@Chat, One's Eyes, She Sea Summer, Teach Me!, Touch & Love, Uta-Hime, Wet and Hard Saki Sensei!
Parody: -
Ranking: 2991st
Status: Completed
Release Year: 2011
Views: 53126 views
Circle: -
Artist: BOSSHI
Character: -
Language: -
Translator: -
Brief Summary:
List of Chapters:

01. Hitou! Tsurunoyu Onsen

02. Ama Raba

03. Recycle Girl
04. GoGo Girl!

05. Kusuri no Trouble? (Medicine Trouble?)

06. Ketai Bitch (Cell Phone Bitch)

07. Tour de Romance

08. She Sea Summer

09. Teach Me!

10. Touch & Love
An unlucky man decides to molest a girl on the train, but that girl turns out to be an old friend from school.

11. Momo @ Chat
Momo-chan tooks a part-time job at a live sexual chat to earn some pocket money and things turns out to be good for the people on both side of the camera.

12. Kitsui yo, Saki Sensei! (Wet and Hard Saki Sensei!)

13. Uta-Hime

14. Al Dente

15. One's Eyes

16. Swimsuit Battle

17. Sister's Tits

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