Pink Cherry Pie Rating: 0.00 out of 5
ピンクチェリー ぱい
Parody: -
Ranking: 14067th
Status: Completed
Release Year: 2009
Views: 16242 views
Circle: -
Artist: SAMEDA Koban
Character: -
Language: -
Translator: -
Brief Summary:
Collection of short stories:

1) My Mama Is too Selfish!!!
2) Fight! Ping-Pong Game
3) Monami Revolution!
4) Dangerous Celebrity
5) Summer Days
6) More Wagamama
7) Bet Everything on One Ball
8) Giant Isopod-tan 1-11
9) (Sexual) Summer Memories
10) Please Onee-Chan
11) Yo! Bunny Club
12) Happening Ero-Eros
13) Mighty Girl
14) Eyes of Beast
15) The Secretive Wife
16) Sweat Trap
17) Giant Isopod-tan 12-15

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