Ojousama wa H ga Osuki Rating: 4.00 out of 5
お嬢様はHがお好き, A Young Lady Love Love Bubble, My Lady is Crazy About Making Love, Ojou-sama wa Ecchi ga Osuki, Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki
Parody: -
Ranking: 2073rd
Status: Completed
Release Year: 2009
Views: 82043 views
Circle: -
Artist: BOSSHI
Character: -
Language: -
Translator: -
Brief Summary:
01 - Ojousama wa Ecchi ga Osuki
02 - On the Night of Fireworks
03 - High fever Boyfriend
04 - Ojou-sama wa Ofuro Ga Osuki (A Young Lady Love Love Bubble)
05 - Ojou-samatachi wa Ecchi ga Osuki
06 - Swimsuit Syndrom
07 - He is my Husband
08 - He is my Husband: Loyal Servant Story
09 - Unbelievable Sporty Girl
10 - (Love) Sickness Starts in the Mind
11 - Hikaru's Bridge
12 - Runaway Ninja

Note: The Ojousama wa Mizugi ga Osuki booklet is included in the limited edition of this manga. It contains the revised chapters three and four.

In Runaway Ninja, Rin goes looking for her older sister, Kuu. This is the sequel to Fallen Ninja in Mizugi Kanojo

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